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We have developed Go To Market (GTM) & Digital Transformation Plans, BI Modernization, Data Analytics, Legacy Migrations to Cloud, Software Solutions & E-commerce Solutions

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Looker BI Training for Google

Industry Vertical: IT  (Analytics)

Designed and implemented Looker BI with BigQuery data aggregation training for Google's new Looker BI clients and converted program from 1-on-1 to self service delivery content to scale training for all Google clients.

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 Software development &  cloud migration 

Industry Vertical: Legal / BFSI

Transformed a legacy in-house only application to new application client self-service to support 483 external clients while upgrading the on-premise infrastructure to low-cost AWS hybrid-cloud with 50% cost savings and 5X performance increase for clients. B2B Clients can now access their data to manage their financial and legal data on-demand instead of reports sent by the office.

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Cost Optimization, Facility & Disaster Recovery Plan

Industry Vertical: BFSI / IT

Developed Cost Optimization plan for QA and testing labs that reduced operational costs by 1.3 MM annually through consolidation and implementation of virtual lab financial transaction & ticket devices. The virtual lab was combined with a process provided a disaster plan that could mitigate pandemic effects and allow remote work for traditionally on-premises work.

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